January 25, 2018

Proven Marketing Tactics For Healthcare Practice

Wei Fan & Jill Speight

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Do you know patients do a lot of research online before they come to your practice? There are 4 proven tactics for orthodontist marketing and other healthcare marketing.

73% of individuals use search engines to research treatment.

90% of millennials trust medical information shared by others on social media.

41% of individuals say that content found on social media impact the choice of hospitals.

42% of individuals viewing health information look at health-related consumer reviews.

How to use these orthodontist marketing tactics to get new patients and engage with existing patients?

Search Engine Marketing

Do you know which keywords your patients typically search for online? Orthodontist? Is in the top three. What is the number one keyword? A brand name of clear aligners, with a 1.8X search volume of the former.

It’s not uncommon for people to first search for what they want in orthodontics before they make an appointment with your office. Many patients want to come prepared with research and an idea of what they want, before asking the doctor for their professional opinion.

This is where SEM, search engine marketing, comes into play. SEM makes sure you show up in their search results. You can either spend some time to work on SEO (search engine optimization) to display your practice on organic search results or stand out from the crowd immediately through Paid Search Advertising to reach hundreds of potential new patients within a 25-mile radius of your practice.

Social Media Marketing

Have you heard “DIY Your Braces” is trending on social media? As a professional orthodontist, you would probably shout, “That’s crazy and dangerous, kids!” Take a second to think about it from a different angle.

On one hand, it shows how innocent and ignorant people can be if they don’t have the proper knowledge, putting their body at risk. It’s an opportunity to share your voice on a hot topic to show your professionalism and gain exposure for your practice. On the other hand, it shows how eager people want to have straight teeth. Again, it’s a chance to educate and engage with prospective patients on social media with valuable content on orthodontic health and to gain their trust.

This is just one aspect of how social media marketing can help your practice. Social media can also be a patient relationship building tool, an online reputation maintenance tool, a successful showcase tool and more. Today if you don’t go social, you’re out.

Content Marketing

You have to admit that sharp practice tools, the sound of drilling, and all the bleeding can scare kids away. How do you deliver a friendly message when your little patients are reluctant to leave their homes for your appointment? This is possible when you turn the experience into one filled with fun, through a nicely crafted content marketing campaign that would allay their fears.

It can be an animated conversation between teeth, a hilarious brace joke, a funny statement from an orthodontist and so on. Make it interesting! Even when you want to educate your patients with hygiene tips, you do it the edutainment way. Your patients will love the way you make them feel and share their experience with their friends, who could be walking into your office next!

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to engage your audience with high quality, relevant content. Just like every child loves a story, every patient desires a good experience.

Online Review Management

Do you think your practice is as good as, or even better than another practice one mile away? Have you ever wondered why new patients keep walking into their office? Take a look at their online reviews. Is your practice listed on Google maps? How many reviews do you have on Yelp? Do you have 4 or 5 stars for your Facebook rating? Are there any negative comments that your practice has failed to address online?

You may say, “That’s not the right way to evaluate an orthodontist’s capability!” You could list out some checkpoints from a professional standpoint. However, users often trust other people’s experience more. In fact, you may do the same thing when choosing an unfamiliar product or service.

Online review is the most convenient and direct reference for decision making. Your reviews represent your reputation, like it or not. Facilitate your patients to write positive reviews when you still have appointments with them by using online review management tools.

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