December 10, 2018

5 Things to Remember Before Hiring Freelance Talent

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We’ve all been there before, you’ve got a project in mind that just can’t sit on the back burner for one more second or else it’s going to go up in flames, but you don’t have the help or the time to push it forward. You’ve probably already decided you need to hire a freelancer to get the job done efficiently and within scope, which is probably how you stumbled on reading this blog. Before you dive head first into looking for the right talent, hit the brakes for 2 minutes and read through these 5 tips to successfully hire a freelancer:

1. Clearly outline your project and what tasks need to be done

Before you reach out to speak to a freelancer, make sure you have a good understanding of the scope, timeline, budget and goals of the project you need to hire for. Be sure to include deliverables, a timeline with milestones, overall budget and any other project details that would be helpful.

2. Make sure your budget and timelines meetup

You first need to decide if this will be hourly based or if there will be an overall total budget for the project. Once you’ve decided on the budget, be sure to do the math to make it match your timeline so your freelancer isn’t cut short and you won’t go over budget for the work that needs to be done.

3. Ensure that the freelancer has worked on past projects like yours

One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen is that many nonprofits and companies hire a freelancer who seems like a great fit, but hasnt worked on projects similar to the one they’re trying to get done. Make sure you ask for a portfolio of past projects they’ve done and have references included. This will help you get the best fit talent for your project goals.

4. Sync your styles for maximum success

Chances are, you and your company have a unique working style and like to handle projects, deadlines and tasks a certain way. Be sure to include this in your interviewing process when explaining the project to a potential freelancer. You want to make sure your work styles sync up so that efficiency is maximized and communication throughout the project flows well.

5. Treat your freelancer like a partner

Lastly, don’t treat your freelancer like a new hired employee who is just learning the ropes because that’s not the case. Treat your freelancer like a partner, ask for their input, suggestions and what they think might work best. Freelancers have worked with a variety of clients and have been exposed to many different projects. Like Farmer’s Insurance says, ‘they know a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two’ so take them up on their knowledge and treat them like an asset to your company.

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